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We are all about Facilitating Success

We work with organizations and individuals

who believe in developing themselves!

Our Vision

"Accelerating Your Success"

We are all about being your strategic coach focused on helping you to achieve your highest levels of performance in execution of your personal or organizational mission.  Engaging with you we focus on expanding your personal and organizational leadership capacity and your capability to clearly define your vision, understand your current state, then set a course and take the action that will propel you on a journey toward greater results.  We help you build the personal capacity and leadership capabilities necessary to achieve your vision.

We are proud to be affiliated with LMI, Leadership Management International, a global leader in helping individuals and companies achieve a higher level of performance through execution of sound leadership principles.  LMI has been working with companies for over 50 years in over 80 countries through programs produced in 25 languages.  

Steve Owens
Founder, LEAPS Coaching

Our Mission

"To be a catalyst that stimulates new thinking, developing powerful, new habits that create the action to push you forward toward greater results in your life, and for your business"

We work with you on purely a coaching level or through the facilitation of proven processes built on a coaching foundation that help to drive new levels of thinking, behaviors and habits necessary to create better results.


Why LEAPS Coaching? Because our experience is not from the academic or consultancy environment. Our experience comes from facing the challenges of being inside organizations, executing the operations, leading through establishing vision and strategy, recruiting, leading and developing people, aligning products and services to the customer, establishing structure, processes and systems, and continually improving and innovating.  The industries and business sectors we've served include:

  • Aerospace

  • Manufacturing

  • Transportation

  • Hospitality

  • Entertainment

  • Government services

  • Information technology

  • Utilities, and 

  • Business services