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Awareness - The first critical step in improving and enhancing performance

Improving or enhancing anything on a personal or organizational level first requires an awareness of your current state, an awareness of where you are now.  It requires being self-aware about your present capabilities and capacities.  Individuals and organizations must continually improve and innovate in order to remain competitive in a fast paced, ever changing business environment, or stagnate.  Individually, people themselves must continually strengthen their own capabilities and capacities in order to grow, to achieve more results and to bring greater value to those they serve in all parts of their lives.

So assessment is about understanding the starting point, gaining clarity and becoming self-aware. For organizational leaders assessment is a vital part of developing business strategies, understanding the organizational culture, and understanding capabilities of people in order to have the right people in the right place to ensure success. 

Our Assessment Tools

Happy multi-ethnic employees sales team

The Achiever

The Achiever is a unique test that combines mental and personality measurement in one instrument. Its scores are arranged in a normal distribution that easily relates to job requirements and benchmarks of successful performers. The Achiever measures aptitudes and 10 personality traits and uses the stanine scoring system to compare an individual’s scores to a benchmark and the normal distribution.

Happy multi-ethnic employees sales team

Profile Evaluation System (PES)

The Profile Evaluation System characterizes individuals on a number of psychological traits that are important for job performance. Results allow companies and individuals to maximize the fit between their employment demands and the abilities, aptitudes and personalities of employees or potential employees. When this fit is optimal, employees are more comfortable and productive, and in turn, inefficiency and turnover are minimized.

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Development Needs Inventory (DNI)

The Development Needs Inventory — a 360-degree instrument that is administered on-line is designed to help managers, supervisors and other leaders to understand their strengths and development needs better. Customized to meet the client’s needs, it consists of 10 Standard Scales and up to 13 Optional Scales. The results of the DNI, along with the Interpretation and Feedback Session facilitates individual growth and progress, increasing the overall effectiveness of the organization.

Discussing the Numbers

Organizational Needs Inventory (ONI)

Organizational Needs Inventory - Leaders can use the ONI to create an environment that will attract and retain better employees and in turn, achieve better operating results. To do that, leaders must recognize that the first step is making dramatic changes in the way organizations are designed and managed. Learning how things actually are and what they can be is next. Then comes a plan for the future that is based upon a clear sense of direction and purpose. Finally, a plan of action is implemented to begin moving toward the desired future. The ONI instrument was designed to facilitate this process.

Are you ready to continue to grow and develop your and your organizations full potential?   It would be a privilege to help you on that journey.

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