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Change Behavior to Change Your World

There is one thing we know for certain, that in order for people and organizations to grow and improve, behavior has to change. Plans are a must, goals must be established, but it is action that drives the momentum that creates growth and improvement.  We help you change behavior to create the habits and routines that continually accelerates your personal and organizational success!

Our Engagement Process

The Experience We Deliver for Developing Leaders

Learning & Coaching

Our primary engagement on an individual level is accomplished through a coaching alliance that we combine with our processes for developing leadership capacity when that is your individual goal. But many of our clients are seeking to build a greater capacity to lead and get results in their leadership teams and high potential people.  They are seeking an organization-wide solution for creating a more goal-directed, collaborative, aligned and caring culture of leaders.


So working closely with you to establish your specific organizational goals we deliver a total solution capable of driving growth for people and the organization, realizing your desired vision, and delivering the ultimate goal — measurable and sustainable results for your people and for your organization that continue year after year. 

Building Leadership Capacity

To Get Results

Serious multi-ethnic business entities g

Personalized Development

Through decades of results and feedback from LMI, Leadership Management International clients all over the world, we know that when it comes to building leadership capacity, seminars and lectures don’t deliver long-lasting results. Instead, we work with small groups, covering time-tested, proven principles in a series of short action-oriented sessions combined with learning through spaced repetition. We hold the sessions on a regular basis, and every step of the way, we are there to ensure that your organization gets the coaching, focused attention and support it needs.  

Rather than following the advice of some business guru or focusing on what current management fads seem important, we start by meeting with you to determine exactly what you want to accomplish for your people, for your organization. We focus on what’s important to you. Your goals become the driving force behind our results-centered development process, a process that follows four broad steps:

Step 1 – Evaluating Performance

We start with the results you want to achieve, we evaluate where your people are now. Based on our findings, we then determine the gaps.


Step 2 – Developing a Plan of Action

By identifying the changes that need to take place, we help you set specific and measurable goals and develop a detailed plan of action for the participants. Participants immediately begin applying techniques designed to help them change their behavior and fostering the new habits that will lead to the results you want.

Step 3 – Changing Behavior

Implementing a coaching and facilitated learning process over several weeks has many benefits. Participants don’t feel overwhelmed and have sufficient time to master the steps for behavior change and to change their attitudes and mental models. More importantly, new behaviors are applied directly to real business issues. Because of this unique development process, we are able to hard-wire these changes into your organization to ensure long-term, ongoing results.

Step 4 – Deliver Results

Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our clients. To do that, our process must deliver not only results, but also a high return on investment. We will help you document your investment performance and identify additional areas for continuing improvement. Developing your people should be a positive investment, not an expense.

How Our Program Delivery Experience Works







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Are you ready to continue to grow and develop yourself and your people to their full potential?   It would be a privilege to help you on that journey.

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