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Digital Learning to Fit Any Life Style

On-Line Learning with Our Premier Programs

In today's high demand personal or business environment many of our clients choose to develop themselves using programs that are available digitally so no matter where they go they can access learning.  For those who have a preference for on-line learning some of the premier LMI programs are available to you in an on-line digital format.  Through use of these on-line programs we deliver the same great learning experience. You can choose:

  • Individual on-line learning at your own pace with or without personal coaching sessions.

  • Facilitated group on-line learning with coaching for organizations with dispersed work locations or for those organizations that have an on-line learning preference.

What's Included 

Access to courses anytime, anywhere, with a computer, tablet or smartphone

Audio, quizzes and interactive content

Materials designed for a proven learning experience


In program note taking capability

Our premier leadership development programs offered in an easy to use, portable digital platform that provides the same great learning experience.

On-Line Program Offerings

Personal Productivity
Business Meeting

Personal productivity sets the foundation for becoming an effective leader since productivity is about our personal ability to get the things done that we say we are committed to doing.  It is the key to high performance.

This comprehensive Effective Personal Productivity program takes a deep dive into personal attitudes and behavioral change needed to optimize individual performance in order to achieve desired results.  The process helps individuals to build the discipline to continually develop meaningful goals, determine priorities, then act to achieve them by bringing their best selves to the each moment of time. 

Personal Leadership
Businesswoman standing in front of opene

Personal leadership is the core of an individual's character, the ability to be a leader of your own life and develop trusting relationships that are essential to leading others and leading an organization.  Personal leadership begins with understanding where you are now and leads to the discovery of where you want to go.   The Effective Personal Leadership program explores six "success essentials" to becoming truly effective leaders:

  • Taking personal responsibility for yourself and your life

  • Crystallizing your thinking to clarify and understand your purpose

  • Getting specific through planning and goal setting

  • Developing a passion for the things that you want to accomplish

  • Expect the positive through altering your thinking, attitudes and behaviors 

  • Develop iron-willed commitment and persistence to achieve your goals  

Effective Leadership Development
Working Together

Many emerging front-line managers who supervise on the front-line have not had the opportunity to develop a capacity for and the skills for leadership.  Leaders are not born, they are made, and many times we promote people to supervisory or managerial positions with little if any leadership training.   ELD program is geared toward building the leadership skills in your front-line managers and supervisors to ensure they are positioned for success in their roles.  Many front-line managers find themselves working longer hours and fighting burn-out because they are not positioned to "lead" the work and the front-line teams that report to them.  The Effective Leadership Development program will help your team:

  • Learn the art of delegation and setting expectations

  • Develop the potential within the employees that report to them

  • Train and motivate people to a higher level of personal performance

  • Get more done through effective time and people management

  • Handling and preventing problems and communicating effectively

  • Lead through setting an example

Motivational Leadership

New Hires

Motivational leadership is all about the ability to lead others in the execution of the organizations work, get results and help the people grow and develop.  A motivational leader understands the strength of an organization comes from it's people and is able to help people develop toward their full potential.  A motivational leader understands that in order to achieve outstanding results for the organization they must work with and through people, building positive, supportive relationships to ensure a fully engaged team.  This program is focused on leaders with managers as direct reports.  Our Effective Motivational Leadership program focuses on developing the capabilities to:

  • Develop and effectively communicate a vision for the future

  • Create winning teams that can evolve in an ever changing business environment

  • Promote growth and advancement

  • Establish an organization of leaders by spending time developing people 

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