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Personal Productivity

A Foundation for Effective Leadership

Productivity is the Very Foundation of Success

Imagine Your Entire Team Operating at Their Peak Level

Productivity is all about becoming better and performing better.  Productivity is determined by working on high-payoff activities and high-payoff activities mean spending time doing the right thing, in the right way, at the right time, and for the right length of time.  Productivity is the very foundation of personal and organizational success.

An organization where leaders can effectively manage their time and energy to maximize their performance translates into increasing the performance of your whole team.  Time is not a renewable resource, once it's gone it can never be retrieved and it is the most precious resource we have, personally and for our organizations.  What matters then is how we spend our time, and it must be spent on the activities that create the greatest return.

Spend Your Time on High-Payoff Activities

It's The Key to Peak Performance

Our LMI Effective Personal Productivity program takes a deep dive into personal attitudes and behavioral change needed to optimize individual performance in order to achieve desired results.  The process helps individuals to build the discipline to continually develop meaningful goals, determine priorities, then act to achieve them by bringing their best selves to each moment of time. 

The greatest factor in effective use of your time is always yourself.  This program helps you to identify the attitudes that support peak performance and assure you focus your time and energy on your most meaningful activities. 

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The Effective Personal Productivity Program

Lesson One - What is Productivity

The first lesson centers around understanding the untapped potential within and truly believing in it.  You will discover the opportunities for leadership and personal growth, while being inspired to use courage to achieve these goals.  You will focus on your strengths, understand the rewards of leadership and the internal nature of personal leadership.

Lesson Three - Controlling Priorities

Lesson three focuses on changing the way you approach leadership by taking personal responsibility for your success, before helping to discover your purpose.  It also covers the importance of planning and helps you recognize the passion needed to deliver results, together with the power of positive expectancy and the need for persistence.

Lesson Five - Team Empowerment

Before achieving personal leadership, you must first identify your purpose.  This lesson will help you define your life purpose, before establishing your priorities.  Creating a mission statement, you will begin to learn the fundamentals of goal-setting, before coaching yourself to manage existing distractions that can be a hindrance to achieving your goals.

Lesson Two - Managing Time

You will discover the importance of self-knowledge and emotional intelligence before learning to lead.  By understanding your past, you will be able to identify the restraints that have confined you to a certain conditioned existence.  Through the development of a strong self-image, you will begin to recognize the merit in being your own strong, authentic leader.

Lesson Four - Communicate Better

Taking personal responsibility will give you freedom and increased self-motivation, as well as recognizing basic human needs and understanding the disadvantages of using extreme means like fear to motivate.  This lesson will teach you how to unlock the power of motivation through attitudes, and the limits of motivating yourself and others with incentives.

Lesson Six - Team Productivity

You will work to appreciate the power of goal-setting and committing yourself to achieving targets.  We will show you the importance of target dates, and how to distinguish between tangible and intangible goals.  Through the recognition of potential obstacles, you will be able to maneuver yourself accordingly so that you achieve your goals.

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