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Personal Productivity

A Foundation for Effective Leadership

Productivity is the Very Foundation of Success

Imagine Your Entire Team Operating at Their Peak Level

If you are going to lead others and if you expect to achieve the success that you've defined for yourself, you first have to be productive. That is true for you as an individual and for the teams or organizations that you lead. That means you have to spend that right amount of time on the things that matter the most, the things that create the greatest value and have the highest payoff. Those are your high-payoff activities. 

Productivity Creates Value

Productivity is not about being busy. It is about getting results. Results come from spending your time on the activities that have the greatest return in value for the time you invest. That should be the same for your team. Rememeber that the time at your disposal in your entire time capital. You cannot borrow time, you can't hoard it, you cannot even work harder to earn more time. 

Whether you lead a small business, a large team in an organization, are a senior leader in a large organization/company, or the owner of a large company, it is when you can optimize your own performance that you are truly able to increase the performance of others. Productivity is vital in today's competitive business environment. 

What are you doing for yourself and for your organization to improve productivity?

You can't just talk about it. You and your team need a system.

Spend Your Time on High-Payoff Activities
It's The Key to Peak Performance
The LMI Effective Personal Productivity - A Process for Creating Value

Our LMI Effective Personal Productivity program takes a deep dive into personal attitudes and behavioral change needed to optimize individual performance in order to achieve desired results.  The process helps individuals to build the discipline to continually develop meaningful goals, determine priorities, then act to achieve them by bringing their best selves to each moment of time. 

The greatest factor in effective use of your time is always yourself.  This program helps you to identify the attitudes that support peak performance and assure you focus your time and energy on your highest payoff activities. 

In a Meeting

The Effective Personal Productivity Program

Lesson One - The Nature of Productivity

The first lesson centers around understanding productivity and how it is centered around creatiing value. We work through the idea of time, the key resource to peak performance, attitudes toward planning, goal setting, other people and yourself. We dig down into high-payoff activities and how those activities create the real results for you and your team.

Lesson Three - Managing Priorities

This lesson will focus on setting priorities based on goals and objectives. You will learn and apply how to focus and remove distractions, limit interruptions, and delve into how to effectively handle day-to-day communications such as e-mails, face-to-face conversations, messaging, and meeings.

Lesson Five - Team Empowerment

This lesson focuses on the benefits of empowering others, how empowerment is viewed differently by generations working togethers. You will discover the importance of attitudes that are the heart of empowerment. Finally you will learn and apply the concept of effective delegation and how delegating the right way helps to develop your team and allow you to focus your energy on high-payoff activities.

Lesson Two - Productivity Through Goals Achievement

Here you will learn and apply the ideas of positive self-image, personal and organizational goals, the process of goal setting, and the power of written goals. You will learn how to effectively set aside time for goal planing, tracking and will learn the powerful technics of visualization and affirmations.

Lesson Four - Communicate Better

In this lesson you will delve into how to master communication which is essential to a productive organization. You will learn the role of empathy in communications, leading through questions, clarity around communications and the importance of communications in keeping your team productive.

Lesson Six - Team Productivity

Here you will focus on how to effectively share and communicate goals, learn the concepts of developing and coaching self-directed teams and help people to be their best. You will work to learn the best strategies for effective meetings, and having an attitude of positive expectancy and ensure celebration of team successes.

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