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Building Capacity for a Lifetime of Success

Skills for High Performance Living

Discovering Untapped Potential

We say that our future lies in the hands of our youth.  While that may be true, what sets the foundation for their individual success is their ability to develop personal leadership skills early in life, skills that will enhance all areas of their lives and help to ensure they reach their full potential.

So where do our young people get these skills, the skills that position them to lead a high performance life?  Some of our young people are exposed to these skills by happenstance or through faith based organizations. Unfortunately our school systems, K-12 and even our colleges and universities fail to give any real focus on building personal leadership capacity in our youth. 


Although a small percentage of students are fortunate enough to come out of our educational system and move on do great things for themselves, the vast majority end up living a life where they do not tap into their enormous potential.  There is a vast untapped potential that exists in our young people, potential that is trapped because so many grow up in environments that instill limiting beliefs.  Those beliefs have created the dis-empowering habits of negative thinking, belief that they are never enough, inability to take action, face challenges, overcome obstacles, and take the personal responsibility necessary to achieve their real potential and to change their lives.  It's time to unleash that potential, and provide young people with the capacity and skills to live a high-performance life!

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It's Time for a New Solution!

Our mission with youth and young adults is helping them build a greater capacity for success through building their skills in personal leadership positioning them to effectively lead high performance lives. Through a personal development process, combined with on-going coaching and mentoring we equip youth and young adults with the tools to discover their limitless potential, removing their limiting beliefs, building the self-esteem, confidence and the courage needed to define their own path toward success and to continually take action achieve it.

The LMI programs we facilitate with youth and use for individualized coaching have proved successful for many years and in countries all over the world.

Attitude Is Everything

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An achiever's attitude is essential to reaching your goals and fulfilling your dreams and pushing you toward the success you define for yourself.  The difference between those who reach their dreams and those who don't is about the attitude you decide you will have about your life.  A positive attitude that works to remind yourself everyday that you can and will achieve what you want to achieve will cause your mind to visualize that success and keep you energized toward your goals.

The lessons of the Attitude Is Everything program focuses on building your personal strengths and skills to ensure a positive attitude about life and your future.  It focuses on:

  • Gaining a Slight Edge

  • What is Takes to Become a Winner

  • Cultivating an Abundance Attitude

  • Focusing on Singleness of Purpose

  • Programming Your Goal Setting

  • Developing the Desire of a Winner

  • Maximizing the Power of Enthusiasm

  • A Tough Mental Attitude

  • Never, Never, Never Give Up

  • Positive Forces of Life


  • Embracing the Joy of Work

  • Becoming a Total Person

The Making of a Champion

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Success is not the result of luck or random chance.  Success never just happens to the fortunate few.  Instead, achievers define and make their own success.  High performance achievers are individuals who become all that they can be by removing their limiting beliefs and realizing they alone can be the ones who control their ability to reach their highest level of personal performance.

The core lessons of the Making of a Champion program develops the skills and personal capacity in the areas of:

  • Desire - Where Motivation Begins

  • Potential - Realizing Your Abilities

  • Personal Goals - Giving Direction to Your Dreams

  • Dedication - Pay the Price

  • Work - Preparation for Victory

  • The Energized You

  • Determination - The Refusal to Quit

  • Courage - Facing Challenges with Confidence

  • Concentration and Visualization

  • Perspective - Putting the Proper Value on Winning


  •  Achievers Attitude - A Quest for the Best

Achieving Academic Success

A Classroom Lecture

Education and knowledge are, and always will be, the cornerstones of success. This program helps middle and high school youth develop powerful habits for gaining knowledge in school and continual development in order to achieve personal success. The twelve core lessons of the Achieving Academic Success program will teach youth how to enjoy tomorrow’s success today by helping them to develop effective time management habits and develop personal motivation and effective study habits that set them along a path to achieving their goals.  Elements of the program are:

  • Enjoy Tomorrow's Success Today

  • Motivation - The Key to Success

  • Planning Your School Goals

  • Time - Your Most Valuable Possession

  • Effective Study Habits

  • How to Study a Textbook

  • Preparing Written Work

  • Winning on Exam Day

  • Getting Along with Teachers

  • Making Friends with Classmates


  • Extracurricular Activities

  • Choosing Future Educational Goals

Parents, are you ready to give your children a kick-start for helping them lead a life of high personal achievement?  

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