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Personal Leadership
The Foundation for Personal Growth

What if You Could Discover and Live to Your
Fullest Potential

Before You Can Lead Others You Have to Lead Yourself!

Personal leadership is at the core of each individual's character.  It is the ability to be a leader of your own life first. After all, how can you ever expect to achieve the success you desire or effectively be a leader of others if you are not first effectively leading yourself. Personal leadership is about creating self-knowledge, and self-awareness in order to discover and use vast stores of your untapped potential to achieve the success you envision for your life, for your business or for your organization. Personal leadership creates the foundation for you being a leader of people in the businesses or organizations you decide to serve throughout your life. 

Strong personal leadership will help you achieve greater results. But greater results are not achieved unless you also take action to change your attitudes and the habits that help to accelerate your success. 

Our LMI Effective Personal Leadership Program is a system for building your capacity to lead and get greater results. There are so many training programs and books on leadership that individuals and companies use hoping for a change that will positively impact them. But what these training programs and books fail to do is change the attitudes and behaviors over time that build and strengthen your capacity to lead and to create a greater level of success. They are not a system and it is a system that accelerates positive change!

The Twelve Lessons of Personal Leadership

Through 12 lessons the Effective Personal Leadership process participants develop the six "success essentials" to becoming truly effective leaders:

  • Taking personal responsibility for yourself and your life

  • Crystallizing your thinking to clarify and understand your purpose

  • Getting specific through planning and goal setting

  • Developing a passion for the things that you want to accomplish

  • Expect the positive through altering your thinking, attitudes and behaviors 

  • Develop iron-willed commitment and persistence to achieve your goals  

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Effective Personal Leadership Program

Lesson Seven - Ignite Your Passion

You will embrace being passionate and learn to recognize the hallmarks of genuine passion. We will show you how your team’s enthusiasm reflects the passion you hold, and how you can use this to enhance the emotional climate and culture. This lesson also helps you understand the benefits of enthusiasm and teaches you how to build it within your team.

Lesson Nine - Persistance

You will need to learn the reasons why people give up and appreciate the importance of developing iron-willed persistence. We will teach you how to turn adversity into opportunity and show you the persistence needed to make brave decisions. You will develop a determination that will give you the competitive edge when it comes to achieving your goals.

Lesson Eleven - Successful Communication

Becoming a good communicator is key to being a great leader, and this lesson shows the important role empathy plays in communication. You will learn to listen with empathy and develop empathy for your colleagues, so you can set an example by relationship management. The lesson will help you recognize the benefits of leadership through communication.

Lesson One - Your Potential

The first lesson centers around understanding the untapped potential within and truly believing in it.  You will discover the opportunities for leadership and personal growth, while being inspired to use courage to achieve these goals.  You will focus on your strengths, understand the rewards of leadership and the internal nature of personal leadership.

Lesson Three - Six Essentials

Lesson three focuses on changing the way you approach leadership by taking personal responsibility for your success, before helping to discover your purpose.  It also covers the importance of planning and helps you recognize the passion needed to deliver results, together with the power of positive expectancy and the need for persistence.

Lesson Five - Your Purpose

Before achieving personal leadership, you must first identify your purpose.  This lesson will help you define your life purpose, before establishing your priorities.  Creating a mission statement, you will begin to learn the fundamentals of goal-setting, before coaching yourself to manage existing distractions that can be a hindrance to achieving your goals.

Lesson Eight - Positive Expectancy

We will teach you how positive expectancy work’s and the role belief plays in it. It starts with affirmation but is then magnified and clarified with visualization. You will begin to develop an attitude of positive expectancy and understand how attitudes and habits are formed, before learning how to change them to work to your advantage.

Lesson Ten - Balanced Life

In this session you will learn the true importance of time and how to make best use of this extremely valuable asset. Planning your time with goals and priorities in mind is essential to success, and we will show you how to do this effectively. We will explain how you must take responsibility for the time used and the liberation this brings on the path to becoming a Total Leader®.

Lesson Twelve - Multiply Your Leadership

In the final lesson we demonstrate that leaders are role models with integrity and character. You will understand the importance of becoming a leader who is able to motivate and inspire those around you. We will explain the rewards of empowering others and living a life filled with potential as you prepare for the challenge of leadership.

Lesson Two - Self Knowledge

You will discover the importance of self-knowledge and emotional intelligence before learning to lead.  By understanding your past, you will be able to identify the restraints that have confined you to a certain conditioned existence.  Through the development of a strong self-image, you will begin to recognize the merit in being your own strong, authentic leader.

Lesson Four - Personal Responsibility

Taking personal responsibility will give you freedom and increased self-motivation, as well as recognizing basic human needs and understanding the disadvantages of using extreme means like fear to motivate.  This lesson will teach you how to unlock the power of motivation through attitudes, and the limits of motivating yourself and others with incentives.

Lesson Six - Plan Your Path

You will work to appreciate the power of goal-setting and committing yourself to achieving targets.  We will show you the importance of target dates, and how to distinguish between tangible and intangible goals.  Through the recognition of potential obstacles, you will be able to maneuver yourself accordingly so that you achieve your goals.

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