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Strategic Leadership

Executing the Strategic Purpose

Are You Ready to Strengthen Your Capacity to Lead Your Business or Organization Into the Future

Set yourself apart as a strategic leader who can set a vision, develop key strategies and the optimum structure to deliver on the organizations purpose.  The strategic leader ensures the right people are in the right roles and that they are equipped to succeed.

The strategic leader leads the organization centered around the purpose, helps people understand where they are, where the organization wants to go, and the execution needed to achieve the vision. 

The primary method of achieving success, however you define it, is through changing of attitudes and behaviors.

Strategic leadership is all about leading an organization or company at the owner, executive or senior management level.  Our engagement in this area is normally centered around an executive coaching model, a high impact, challenging process where we work with leaders to help discover solutions to their most pressing problems or opportunities.  The key emphasis is working with leaders on their agenda to create even a higher level of performance, personally or for the organization.

There are however, organizational leaders, business owners, and leadership teams that have not had the experience of leading from a strategic perspective.  Our Strategic Leadership Program helps to build that capacity in leaders so that they are positioned to provide the strategic leadership necessary to achieve the success envisioned for their businesses, their organizations and their people.

Business Meeting

5 Elements of the Strategic Leadership Program

Organizations are constantly looking to build a capacity for strategic leadership, leaders capable of developing and executing the strategic purpose, vision and mission.  Our LMI Strategic Leadership Programs sets leaders up for success as strategic leaders, now and for the future.

Session Five: Strategic Execution - Making It Happen

The final element of the program is about cascading the strategy through the organization.  The point at which an organizational strategy is most likely to fail is in the total integration of the strategy into the day-to-day activities of the entire organization.  Without such integration, the strategy is reduced to an impressive set of goals and plans that carry little practical meaning and make no real impact.

Session Three: Strategic Assessment - Where We are Now

The third element of the program focuses on assessing the organization using a process of structuring information to facilitate informed decision-making, which leads to outstanding organizational performance.  Through an examination of the past, the present and projecting into the future, a strategic knowledge base is assembled.

Session One: The Power of Strategic Leadership

Our first focus is an immersion in clarifying the organizations vision, mission, goals and business model.  Strategic leadership is not only developing an effective strategy, but is also communicating that strategy so it influences the people of the organization and their behavior. A strategy is only as effective as its impact on individual actions and decisions.

Session Four: Strategic Development - Where Do We Go

Strategic development is aimed at deciding on and setting strategic goals, one of the most critical components.  Although having a clear purpose is vital, it is not enough.  Choosing which strategic goals to pursue is the heart of an organization’s overall strategy.  When you decide which goals you will focus on, you are also deciding which goals you will not pursue, which creates the strategic direction you will take.

Benefits of Strategic Leadership

Strategic leadership engages and motivates people, clarifies purpose and priorities, eliminates confusion and waste, provides needed feedback and maximizes productivity in support of the organization mission.

Session Two: Strategic Purpose - Why We Exist

The second element focuses on laying the foundation for a successful organizational strategy through a clear strategic purpose.  Only when everyone has a clear idea of why the organizations exists and where it is you want to go are you able to develop a plan for achieving your goals.  A clear and shared organizational purpose helps people understand the vital elements of the business.

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